About us

We are a small family-run comic shop in the panhandle of Florida, 50 miles north of Pensacola. 

Crestview, Florida

We love to read, collect, create and sell comics. 

Our entire stock is based on #1's, 1st appearances, key issues, limited exclusives, variants, full runs, and themed sets grouped by homages, artists, style, etc.


We strive to provide 5 star service!

  Accurate descriptions:

  • All products are examined or tested thoroughly and all defects are listed in the description.
  • You will know exactly what you are buying.
  • Please contact us if you would like additional pictures.

  Secure packaging:

  • Items will be secured with plenty of insulation.
  • We don't use a lot of tape that may ruin the items when unpacking.
  • For expensive comic purchases, we will double-box.

  Fast processing:

  • Prompt delivery to the post office.
  • Any purchases completed after 5p Monday-Friday will be shipped on the next business day, unless something terrible has happened. You'll be notified either way.


  • An email will be sent when your package is dropped off and all questions will be answered in a reasonable amount of time.

  Shipping costs:

  • All materials are reused and recycled to minimize material costs.
  • Weight and dimensions are accurate to provide the best price available.
  • We don't ship comics via media mail unless requested.
  • We use USPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL and ParcelMonkey for International orders. We try to find the best shipping price that takes into account speed, safety, and price. 
  • Insurance is added for values exceeding $50.

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